A not so boring weekend *wink*


So, the geek, otherwise known as yours truly, decided to not spend the “entire” weekend at home. Instead, I went out and decided to get myself my much needed life. For the record and I have no idea why, I really don’t like going out except when I need a new book, when there’s a game, when my parents drag me somewhere or school. Oh and of course when its someone’s birthday-and those have to be special people since I don’t like staying up late and “partying” because I can be such a grouch the next day. Haha. My kuya says this might change when I grow older but please, I’d rather have a conversation with someone in one of the many Starbucks scattered all over town than go to a bar and “try” to have a conversation over the loud music (with someone’s who’s not drunk, high or “bumping and grinding” with everyone-impossible). Excuse the cynicism and I know these things aren’t bad and can be considered fun once in awhile but when one is constantly doing it-please, what a lifestyle. Okay, why did I even get there? This entry is so not for that. Back to what I was saying, so I decided to not be ms. Boring last weekend and decided to go with my dad to go watch the practice. I missed basketball that much that I allowed myself to be dragged by the boys in my life (the other one left last week) and watch the practice. Fun. Wasn’t the same though but I’m glad I got my basketball overdose. I miss it oh so much. (As I am writing this I am actually watching the TNT and Air21 game) Speaking of basketball, right after practice, I just had a leeway to the parlor and we headed straight to Araneta because my dad had to watch the first game. I couldn’t be happier to be in Starbucks Araneta doing my Ecology homework- heaven. (Haha, I’m so weird noh? I didn’t watch the first game because I felt that I already spent quite a few hours away from schoolwork, which has already been piled up on the first week and I felt that I needed to get to work).
Day didn’t end there though, instead we had to head back south (home sweet home) to attend a reunion/despidida party for my tito. I was actually supposed to work on some school work but had too much fun talking about life, one tree hill and nasty highschool memories with a childhood friend, Jade. I had so much fun. I was kindda embarrassed cause I felt that I bored the hell out of her, but I hope I didn’t. She was really fun to talk to and she understood my certain views on life, love and ahem… the sensitive weight issue. Overall, the day was great. One that I needed before I fully immersed myself into my chaotic college life. Oh and you know what’s another thing that I learned? There are still good, nice and polite people on earth. I would no longer elaborate, but yeah, there are still nice people on earth and that got me thinking that maybe.. it isn’t such a bad world after all. *smiles*