After Party and a letter to an old friend


I have the coolest parents in the world. I know most of the time we have our arguments over irrelevant things but over the weekend, I just realized how blessed I am to have them in my life.

My original plan for Saturday was to go to work, go to Gateway to find Carl’s book (it’s impossible to find in the South!), get my mom’s early birthday present in Greenhills and spend the rest of the night finishing Dawson’s Creek season four.
Turns out, fate had other plans for me because instead of going straight home right after Greenhills, my dad was invited to Ne-yo’s after party. Not wanting to miss the opportunity, my underdressed self ( I was wearing my shopping clothes so sue me) went to the party (thinking that it was actually going to be just a “dinner”) and spent time with friends and my parents. Isn’t it the coolest thing that I went to the party with my parents? Haha. It continually proves that I would forever be a geek.

I SAW NE-YO AND SPENT TIME WITH FRIENDS. It was an all good experience, but don’t worry Pacey, I would never exchange my Dawson’s Creek marathons and boxers for stilettos and drinking. I’d still stay at home and be geek-ified even more.

Once a geek, always a geek. Period.

Ever Dearest Kace,

I haven’t written to you in a long time. I saw your dad about a month ago and when he saw me, he hugged me and told me that I could visit him anytime. I could tell that he still misses you KC and seeing a friend of yours all grown up pains him. I tried talking comforting him and I think he was comforted by one memory. I told him about the time that he told us while we were sprawled on your bed munching on your eternal stock of chocolates that he wanted us to be friends for a long time and I could come by your house anytime. He extended the same offer and I hope that I made him smile over that memory.
Oh Kace, you would be so thrilled with the fact that the Olsen twins that we used to love (yes, I do remember our Full House Days, we loved even their books!) are now on the rail to rehab and are nowhere near the America’s sweethearts that they used to be. I’m running through Dawson’s Creek again and each episode reminds me of you and how your mom forbade you to watch it, but you had your way. I know you’d be delighted over the dvds.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that I miss you dearly KC. I wish you were just a text away.
I wish I could tell you that life gets better after high school. I wish I could tell you that it gets easier and relationships are less complicated, but they’re as complicated as ever. I’m trying hard to live each moment as it comes and I try hard not to overanalyze everything. I’m living in the moment and I think that would make you proud of me.
I guess I just wrote this letter to tell you that I still miss you very much and that I’m living up to my promise of letting each moment count and taking more risks.
I know you’re happy where you are.