Another Obsession


Eversince I was 12 years old, I have a habit of collecting thoughts and just going through them is really therapeutic for me. So please do bear with me:)

From Dawson’s Creek

What’s real –it terrifies all of us. If you think that anything of any value in this world comes at an easier price – you’re wrong.

Dreams aren’t perfect. They come true, not free.

And then there’s love. I want you to love to the tips of your fingers and when you find that love, wherever you find it, whoever you choose, don’t run away from it. But you don’t have to chase it either. You just be patient and it will come to you, I promise and when you least it expect it, like you, like spending the best year of my life with the sweetest and smartest and the most beautiful baby in the world. You don’t be afraid sweetheart and remember to love is to live

Have faith that things will work out for the best..that whatever sent us off in different directions is the very same thing that will bring us back together.

so the only thing i could think of that unites us all, that we all have in common, is that we start out in kindergarten thinking we can be anything we want to be, and by the time we get here, we’ve all lost that feeling, we’ve all started to believe whatever our friends or our parents have told us about what we can achieve in life, and who we can be, and we’ve forgotten about the possibility we had when we were younger, thats the one thing we all have in common, so thats the symbol on this moral means, possibility, i painted it because i thought we could all use a little daily reminder of the fact that if you believe in yourself, even when the odds seem stacked against you, anything is possible

hope, i wish there was something you could take for that, some kind of pill that made you stop hoping for something that probably isnt even good for you to begin with

im not dismissing the beautiful ideal of soulmates, but the reality of eternal coupling, quite frankly, boils down to one thing, faith, ask yourself this question, is she the kind of person you are willing to take a very big leap of faith for?

Quick and easy answer would be that I was really, really busy and there just wasn’t any time. Which is true, but… it’s not really it, because I thought about you all the time, and about what you said about how everything would just kind of work itself out between us and it just… made me feel so good about us. I just…well, I guess I didn’t want to ruin that feeling. Does that make any sense?

i wasnt fighting with you, i was fighting with myself, because part of me wanted to send you running away and part of me just wanted to hold you tight

all the really exciting things in life require more courage than we currently have. A deep breath and a leap. see joey, the kind of fear youre talking about, sometimes its how you know whats worthwhile
We all have our moments. You know what? Don’t stop hoping that things will be different with him. You’re way too young to be so bitter.

From Grey’s Anatomy

Communication. It’s the first thing we really learn in life. Funny thing is, once we grow up, learn our words and really start talking the harder it becomes to know what to say. Or how to ask for what we really need.

It’s not a day on the calendar. Not a birthday, not a new year. It’s an event, big or small, something that changes us. Ideally, it gives us hope. A new way of living and looking at the world. Letting go of old habits, old memories . . . What’s important is that we never stop believing we can have a new beginning. But it’s also important to remember that amid all the crap . . . are a few things worth holding on to.

From One Tree Hill

Stepping up. It’s a simple concept. It basically means to rise above yourself; to do a little more, to show you something special. Life’s funny sometimes; it can push pretty hard like when you fall in love with someone but they forget to love you back like when your best friend and your boyfriend leave you alone, like when you pull the trigger or light the flame and you can’t take it back. Like I said, in sports they call this ‘stepping up’. In life, I call it pushing back.

And Hansel said to Gretel: Let us drop these bread crumbs so that together we can find our way home because losing our way would be the most cruel of things. And once you lose yourself, you have two choices. Find the person you used to be or lose that person completely. Because sometimes you have to step outside of the person you’ve been and remember the person you were meant to be. The person you wanted to be. The person you are.

Every once in a while people step up, they rise above themselves. Sometimes they surprise you, and sometimes they fall short. Life is funny sometimes, it can push pretty hard, but if you look close enough you find hope in the words of children, in the bars of a song and in the eyes of someone you love. And if you’re lucky, and if you’re the luckiest person on this entire planet, the person you love decides to love you back.

There are moments in our lives when we find ourselves at a crossroad, afraid, confused, without a roadmap. The choices we make in those moments can define the rest of our days. Of course when faced with the unknown, most of us prefer to turn around and go back. But once in a while, people push on to something better, something found just beyond the pain of going it alone, and just beyond the bravery and courage it takes to let someone in, or give someone a second chance, something beyond the quiet persistence of a dream. because it’s only when you’re tested, that you discover who you are, that you discover who you can be. The person you can be does exist, beyond the hard work, faith, belief, and beyond the heartache, and fear of what lies ahead.

If you’re always looking for reasons not to be with somebody, then you’ll always find them. Sometimes you just need to let go and give your heart what it deserves.

Yes, losing your hearts desire is tragic but gaining your hearts desire? It’s all you can hope for, this year I wished for love… to immerse myself in someone else and to wake a heart long afraid to feel. My wish was granted and if having that is tragic then give me tragedy, because I wouldnt give it back for the world.

Random Random

I think that’s what i find most strange about this world, nobody ever says how they feel. They hurt, but they don’t cry out. They’re happy, but they don’t dance or jump around. And they’re angry but they hardly ever scream, because they feel ashamed. Nothing’s worse than that. So we all walk around with our heads looking down and never look up and see how beautiful the sky is. –Uptown Girls