Are you happy where you are right now?


The famous question I asked Kae (i’m telling you that chick should have take Philo as a minor to advertising!) earlier during one of our marathon YM sessions.

I don’t know what brought about the question. It’s probably the fact that I was home sick today and was bored out of my mind. I just slept and watched sad reality shows on TV (they were sad but that doesn’t mean that they don’t entertain well). I also caught the Obama-McCain debate (I still heart you OBAMA. You will change the US).

And from that question it lead to a conversation on office politics, wish for higher salaries, growing up and well, you know liking what you have for what it is. It’s such a simple lesson to learn but it takes years to get into our system. We always want what we don’t have and once we have it, we no longer want it.

It’s the thrill of the chase I guess.

But guess what?

I’m past that. I’m still wishing for things I don’t have, I mean, what is life without it right? But when I get up in the morning, I’m just really thankful. There’s really not much you can hope for other than a new day to make up for the lousy one you just had and you know what? It always does.


Watching One Tree Hill Season 6 on and Jamie’s question made me laugh “Do people kiss all the time?”


I wish I could tell him, “Yes, people kiss the ones they love all the time” but more often than not, they end up kissing the ones they don’t like and hardly kiss the ones that matter.

So what gets in the way? Fear baby.

Or something similar to it. Or you know you just take the things you want for granted. We sometimes forget that having it, even for just awhile is pretty much worth the agony of losing it when it comes to an end.

This is another thing that bothers me you know? Why oh why do we always torture ourselves? Why must we always think that something wonderful is bound to get broken or lost? Why can’t we just be happy that it’s there?

Why must we always find an excuse to push it away?


I was YM-ing BESHI as well. I told him all about my “adult” life, kindda funny to think that i’m finally, actually living in it.

Do I get a boo or a yay?