booshy-nosey day.

I have no idea why I named this entry that,
I don’t even know what it means.
I just seem to feel that way today,
booshy and nosey.
Why nosey?
Well, I cried myself to sleep last night and

still I was crying this afternoon.
Okay, nothing major happened and I don’t know why
I feel oh so sad.
Okay, I have my reasons.
But since Im trying to be an optimistic person,
I really don’t think I should write down all my rantings in detail.
I’m really trying so hard to focus on the positive and not the negative,
but sometimes it rubs in your face and you lose track of what’s important.
That’s how I’m feeling today.
Really depressed.
Again, I was watching that local game show earlier
and again it featured kids.
One of the reasons why I cried today was watching those kids
who again were working for a living.
I know its unfair for me to complain about things,
when I am so blessed in life.
So,I asked for God to help me channel
all these pain into something positive.
Like helping out.
And im not helping others out
because its the “beauty queen” thing to do,
Im actually helping others out because its what I want to do.
Why do people always tend to judge and compare and so on?
Why can’t they just keep thier mouths shut if they have nothing nice to say?
Is that so hard?!
Why can’t people just understand that words are hurtful?!
That words could pierece through the heart and leave
wounds that could take years to heal.
You try to run away from the things said and done to you in the past.
But it haunts you.
It never stops haunting you especially when your at your weakest.
I’m at my weakest now
and its killing me.
So, please if you have nothing nice to say just shut up.

Criticzing someone doesn’t make you a better or bigger person.
So, please.
Oh and my real friends are lost if you ever found them
please tell them im looking for them.


1)Go to Ireland.
2)Go to Boracay.
3)Finish writing a novel (even if it never gets published)
4)Learn two new languages.
5)Help in those build-a- home things.
6)Help in as many charities as I could.
7) Learn how to paint/draw
8)Buy myself a car
9)Buy myself a house
10) Take my parents to London.
11) Fall in love.
So, I only have one more test to go before my senior year is over.
Technically, it isn’t over yet for another two weeks,
but still.
The sentiment’s there.
Everybody should try jollibee’s chicken torpedo and fish fillet.
It’s soooo good and really cheap.
I still haven’t tried mcdo’s king something,
but shan said it was really good.
I should try that.

Super Chi

Before I begin,
Happy Birthday Paolo!=)

Expect Marie to take me out of my bummed out mood.
She’s so darn funny.

Me: “He’s in the new ad of Ahead”
Marie:“Talaga? Diba rubber shoes un?”
(This comment made me laugh and she asks why)
Me:“Sira! Tutorial center un!’
(She laughs boisteriously while repeating the words, “hindi nga?”
Eh kasi may rubber shoes na A din nagsstart di ko lang alam ano”)
Me: “Is Tru Calling nice?”
Marie: “Band un diba?!”
(I wait for her to laugh at her joke, apparently it wasn’t a joke.)
Me: “Show un”
(laughter errupts again.)
Don’t think that those are the only things we ever talk about.
Although, most of our conversations turn out to be that way,
we also talk about serious things.
Like taking risks (we have resolved to take more risks..yeah, right.)
What are we going to do if we are finally going to be introduced to the
parents of our significant others (a huge “as if” comes after this).
We also talked about how unfair our lives were (as usual)
and of course we talked about KC and how we should be as
optimistic as she was.
And yeah she said something that made me smile,
“College is your time to shine. Just wait.”

Thanks Chi, for cheering me up for the nth time=)
I was watching a game show yesterday on a local channel.
The participants were kids, street kids, mind you.
One of them has nine siblings, only one working parent
who earns thirty pesos a day and five out of the ten kids were working.
I know this isn’t a new thing here in the Philippines,
but still I was stunned.
They were working instead of studying.
That’s unfair.
Because the taxes we pay (technically our parents pay)
all go to beautiful houses in executive villages,
expensive jewelry and luxury cars of our gov’t officials.
While these kids are working extra hard just to be fed.
Where is the justice in that?
I could only shake my head.
Thank you again to zen, my forever life saver,
if it weren’t for you i would have ended up passing
that project that resembled a first grader’s work.
Thank you so much!!!
only two more tests to go and im good to go.=)

i never learn and why things should change drastically.

So true, I never learn.
Whenever I say that nothing’s happening in my life,
a bomb drops.
And one has just dropped earlier,
about twenty minutes ago
and it poured on me like a bucket of cold water.
So, what poured on me?
Well, it was another form of betrayal.

When I started this new blog of mine,
i was hoping that everything I write would be positive.
But, hello, this is me we’re talking about.

I have resolved to no longer be cynical with the beautiful life that I have been blessed
I plan to stick to that resolution,
but that doesn’t mean that I couldn’t say how I feel today.
I feel betrayed,
I feel cheated.
Funny thing,
these feelings aren’t new anymore.
I must admit that I am not mad or angry.
Just deeply dissapointed.
He isn’t for me,
I deserve better.
Again, I know these things.
And now I understand them.
But what’s ,kind of hard to understand is the fact
that my supposedly good friend didn’t even tell me what was going on.
She made me look stupid.
She made me think that she was my friend.
Okay, she’s still my friend,
it would be cheap to not be her friend anymore.
But still it stings.
So things have to change.
I have to stop trusting people too much,
this time they have to earn my trust.
I should stop focusing on those negative things.
I should be more sure of myself.
I should stop blaming myself for things I cannot control.
I have to change.
i seriously have to let go.
I know I have.
But again, betrayal cuts deep.
Whatever that means.


I am so sorry if my blog doesn’t seem to make sense these past few days.
I just don’t have the time to just sit down and write my thoughts.
I’ve been super busy with school and graduation.
But don’t worry,

ill be back to my senses soon.

I want to make a difference.

I want to make a difference.
I want my inner light to shine,
the inner light that could only come from My Savior.
I want to influence people in a positive way.
I want to be better.
Okay, that was cheesy but so so true.
Its our last quarterly examinations this week.
Still believe in destiny,
not that it matters.=)

the decisions i’ve made.

I have decided not to be so bitter about things I cannot control.
I have decided to spend as much time with my friends as I could.
I have decided to not spend all my time studying. LOL.
I have decided to live each moment to the fullest.
I have decided to be joyous in whatever circumstance.
I have decided to accept reality and move on.
I have decided to move on…

Also, I have decided that there’s nothing wrong with me.
I am perfectly normal.
I’ve done all that I can.
This time, it isn’t my fault.