Back To Basics


I just had one of those weekends.

The kind of weekend you blog about because it turned out to be one of those weekends you end up blogging about because it did something significant to your life.

The weekend started out with a crazy migraine that almost killed me. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but that’s how it felt like, also the two dolfenals I downed didn’t help much either because it was as if I was a fish drowning in coke.

I pretty much slept through the whole Saturday because I was too tired to do anything else and knowing that I’m not doing anything just paralyzes me so I decided to do the next best thing: sleep.

Sunday rolled around and all I wanted to do was once again: sleep, watch a few episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, down a few more pain killers and try to get some work done.

But my parents knew me better so instead of forcing me out of bed, they lured me out of bed saying that right after church we’d have lunch at Conti’s–which is really a bribe if there ever was one. Also, I felt guilty, Sunday was the only day that I could offer the Lord and I could manage my headache for a few hours and pray. God knows I need some guidance.

So, I went to church and that’s when I realized that I needed to get to church and the Lord only used Conti’s to get me out of bed. (He does have a sense of humor sometimes)

He did that because He had something that He wanted to make clear to me. I think He’s been saying that to me for a really long time and me being my usual stubborn self, I failed to listen to His warnings.

This charade has been going on for six months and I never learn. I never really learned the essence of moving on simply because I chose to stay stuck in this rut and obviously over the weekend, both my heart and my body gave up.

I ended up watching a movie I vowed never to watch (it was sooo goood) and it took that movie from me to get up from my pathetic self. There were a lot of tears involved (oh, who cares, no one saw me anyway)

I just realized that all my actions in the past month were in direct residue of the effect of one person in my life. I was stupid when I vowed that I never would be.

Ms. Len told me that in order to move on, one must admit that you liked the person, stop living in denial, pick yourself up and finally finally move on.

That’s my goal for August: Grow up and Move on.

I’m reassesing myself this month and i’m looking forward in good cheer 🙂