Because I never give myself enough CREDIT


You’re probably thinking: What is this chick doing with her life and why is she bombarding multiply with several blog entries in a span of an hour?


A) Because I’m bored

B) Because I’m so diligent that I’ve finished everything that I have to do and now there’s absoutely nothing left for me to do.

But the main reason is because I was going through my blog entries from 2006 and I realized that my recent blog entries lack the depth that they once had and that really made me sad. I lost my depth, would you believe? So I’m trying to regain my reputation by trying to type up something witty and life-altering (I have no idea if I’m actually reaching that goal)

In a way, I’m really grateful that I’m not as emotional as I used to be but at the same time, it made me realize just how much I’ve been through. How much I’ve survived in the past two years and how little credit I give myself.

Maybe it’s because I know that everything’s from God and it was HIS strength that made me overcome certain things in my life.

In a podcast, Joel Osteen mentioned something about thriving and not just surviving.

I guess that’s how I’ve been living my life lately. I guess, I’m not as emotionally attached to people and situations as I used to be. I’ve learned to let go easily because i know that if it’s not for me, what’s the point of running after it?

I guess this blog entry is one way of recognizing the good the Lord has done in my life and it fires this hope, hope that things will be better, way better than I ever imagined them to be 🙂