i never learn and why things should change drastically.

So true, I never learn.
Whenever I say that nothing’s happening in my life,
a bomb drops.
And one has just dropped earlier,
about twenty minutes ago
and it poured on me like a bucket of cold water.
So, what poured on me?
Well, it was another form of betrayal.

When I started this new blog of mine,
i was hoping that everything I write would be positive.
But, hello, this is me we’re talking about.

I have resolved to no longer be cynical with the beautiful life that I have been blessed
I plan to stick to that resolution,
but that doesn’t mean that I couldn’t say how I feel today.
I feel betrayed,
I feel cheated.
Funny thing,
these feelings aren’t new anymore.
I must admit that I am not mad or angry.
Just deeply dissapointed.
He isn’t for me,
I deserve better.
Again, I know these things.
And now I understand them.
But what’s ,kind of hard to understand is the fact
that my supposedly good friend didn’t even tell me what was going on.
She made me look stupid.
She made me think that she was my friend.
Okay, she’s still my friend,
it would be cheap to not be her friend anymore.
But still it stings.
So things have to change.
I have to stop trusting people too much,
this time they have to earn my trust.
I should stop focusing on those negative things.
I should be more sure of myself.
I should stop blaming myself for things I cannot control.
I have to change.
i seriously have to let go.
I know I have.
But again, betrayal cuts deep.
Whatever that means.


I am so sorry if my blog doesn’t seem to make sense these past few days.
I just don’t have the time to just sit down and write my thoughts.
I’ve been super busy with school and graduation.
But don’t worry,

ill be back to my senses soon.

I want to make a difference.

I want to make a difference.
I want my inner light to shine,
the inner light that could only come from My Savior.
I want to influence people in a positive way.
I want to be better.
Okay, that was cheesy but so so true.
Its our last quarterly examinations this week.
Still believe in destiny,
not that it matters.=)

the decisions i’ve made.

I have decided not to be so bitter about things I cannot control.
I have decided to spend as much time with my friends as I could.
I have decided to not spend all my time studying. LOL.
I have decided to live each moment to the fullest.
I have decided to be joyous in whatever circumstance.
I have decided to accept reality and move on.
I have decided to move on…

Also, I have decided that there’s nothing wrong with me.
I am perfectly normal.
I’ve done all that I can.
This time, it isn’t my fault.

welcome! welcome!=)

So there welcome to my new blog!=)
My friends did something very sweet and thoughtful for me yesterday,
I was deeply touched=)
thanks guys!=)
I really appreciate it=)
“If you love someone set them free,
if he comes back he’s yours to keep.
if he doesn’t,
then he was never yours.”