“Conquer Evil With Good”


I constantly ask myself and those unfortunate people around me when I’m in a foul mood, what’s wrong with the world. I often make a long list of ways that would make this world a better place but what I failed to realize is the fact that I, myself, should start the change.

So, I’ve been trying to:

a) shut up.
b) Not retaliate when people provoke me into fights.
c) Be kind to all human beings.

Last night, those resolutions sorta bombed, no thanks to guys who pick fights with girls.

I was totally totally pissed.

I kindda shouted that he was gay.

Good thing my mom pulled me away before I could kick his a**.

He was a guy who had nothing better to do in life than pick on girls.

Oh please with my boxing lessons and legs made of steel due to the five floors that I have to climb every single day.

I can take him anytime.

Bring it on.

But, I guess that dismisses the whole point of trying to conquer evil with good.

So now I kindda feel bad that I trounced the guy’s ego.

Really, I feel G-U-I-L-T-Y.