Day Fourteen


Day Fourteen: Vice

My job in the morning (one that I picked up for two months since I need money) allows me to venture into Human Resource, Finance (exchange rates errrr) and overall office management. Which is good, it allows me to be a well-rounded office person, not that I’m looking into a career into that just yet.
So this morning, I was tasked to pick up a very important document from China (doesn’t UPS deliver directly?!) so at 9 am, I trekked all the way to Makati (the horror!) and since I’ve been feeling under the weather and well, I needed to perk myself up, I decided to cross (probably the only thing I love about Makati is that there’s a Starbucks in every single street) and got myself my favorite Decaf (just in case my doctor is reading this) Cafe Mint Mocha plus the new macademia choclate chip cookie (which isn’t good at all!).
It was a good day and I felt like Anne Hathaway while crossing the street, such a moment!