missing people mode…


Highschool wasn’t perfect. My highschool barkada and I didn’t always get along
We had our tears, a lot of quarrels and inasmuch as I don’t want to admit it, backstfights. But you know what? at the end of the day you only remember the GOOD TIMES.
Zena and I were texting yesterday. I felt alone and she made me feel so much better. I suddenly had the yearning to go back to my checkered uniform, in sir ben’s class, laughing or probably passing notes or both.
I so miss them. :’c I miss being “bia”. Not that carla is such a bad person, she’s simply the odler version of “bia”. (haha…deep!)
There are things about me my college friends would never know of. Simply becasue those things are reserved for the people who have seen me at my worst… yet LOVES me anyway.

HOY! miss ko na kayo! magparamdam kayo! hehehehe!:0