Of all the random things on a Monday :)


I met a boy today.

His name is Raine.

But after five minutes, he changed his mind and said that his name was Flash-as in the action hero voiced by Michael Rosenbaum (I wonder if he’s still hot).

He’s also five years old and he gave me the most interesting and smartest pick-up line I’ve heard in awhile, “Hi! Isn’t your name Rose? Didn’t you tell me that your name is Rose?” which is funny because he just entered the room.

Smart kid.


I was chatting with Arvin and Nolan last night and let me tell you, talking to them at the same time about relatively deep stuff can be a bit mindblowing when you get down to it because well, they use words like gratification and a lot of other mumbo jumbos that I cannot remember (individualized households is a prime example, need i say more?)

But basically, they spoke about a little sacrifice really wouldn’t hurt anyone now would it? And in a way, I believed them.

Arvin and I also spoke about marriage and how it should not operate as an individualized household and how I should learn to learn vicarously through others.

These two are my pick-me-uppers and I looove them.


Almost done with Jodi Picoult’s Mercy. Seriously, would you love someone that much? Would you choose to be the one who loves more?

The book’s premise explains that in a relationship it’s never fifty-fifty, instead there’s always one who loves more.

Isn’t that a scary thought? Especially if you’re the seventy percent and not the thirty? 😀


Watching a cute TV show, SMILE AGAIN. Oh, wow! <3