Super Chi


Before I begin,
Happy Birthday Paolo!=)

Expect Marie to take me out of my bummed out mood.
She’s so darn funny.

Me: “He’s in the new ad of Ahead”
Marie:“Talaga? Diba rubber shoes un?”
(This comment made me laugh and she asks why)
Me:“Sira! Tutorial center un!’
(She laughs boisteriously while repeating the words, “hindi nga?”
Eh kasi may rubber shoes na A din nagsstart di ko lang alam ano”)
Me: “Is Tru Calling nice?”
Marie: “Band un diba?!”
(I wait for her to laugh at her joke, apparently it wasn’t a joke.)
Me: “Show un”
(laughter errupts again.)
Don’t think that those are the only things we ever talk about.
Although, most of our conversations turn out to be that way,
we also talk about serious things.
Like taking risks (we have resolved to take more risks..yeah, right.)
What are we going to do if we are finally going to be introduced to the
parents of our significant others (a huge “as if” comes after this).
We also talked about how unfair our lives were (as usual)
and of course we talked about KC and how we should be as
optimistic as she was.
And yeah she said something that made me smile,
“College is your time to shine. Just wait.”

Thanks Chi, for cheering me up for the nth time=)
I was watching a game show yesterday on a local channel.
The participants were kids, street kids, mind you.
One of them has nine siblings, only one working parent
who earns thirty pesos a day and five out of the ten kids were working.
I know this isn’t a new thing here in the Philippines,
but still I was stunned.
They were working instead of studying.
That’s unfair.
Because the taxes we pay (technically our parents pay)
all go to beautiful houses in executive villages,
expensive jewelry and luxury cars of our gov’t officials.
While these kids are working extra hard just to be fed.
Where is the justice in that?
I could only shake my head.
Thank you again to zen, my forever life saver,
if it weren’t for you i would have ended up passing
that project that resembled a first grader’s work.
Thank you so much!!!
only two more tests to go and im good to go.=)