When My Time Comes to be the Boss, I won’t…


1) Let my staff wear a hideous uniform that demeans them.
I’d be humble enough to admit that I don’t know everything and ask an expert to design something as simple as a uniform.

2) Walk around inflated with so much air, I don’t see the ground anymore.
Even if i’m given a position of authority, I would never think that I’m perfect and that all my suggestions are perfect. There’s always room for improvement even if I’m at the top of my game.

3) Forget that I was once a staff.
So I don’t treat people like shit. Sometimes people in authority often forget that they were once a struggling yuppie.

4) Scream at people just because I’m upset.
– As a person in authority, you can hand in the trusty memo every once in awhile but I won’t dare to shout at the “personnel” just because I’m having a bad day. A wise man once said that when a person leaves the office at 5 PM, their authority goes with it. We’re all equal at the end of the day so no need to feel superior all the effin time.

5) Be afraid of my staff’s strengths and talents.
– I won’t try to underestimate thier talents just because I want to be Little Ms. Bida instead I’ll cultivate them because there used to be a time that I was in thier position and I won’t forget how it once was.