It’s the second to the last day fo the year.

And I’m spending it doing things that I love: grocery shopping, reading a new chick-lit book (thank you Laure Weisberger for your witty comebacks and hope that good-looking boys can truly be good as well) and watching How I Met Your Mother Season Five.

And while I gloat over Ted Mosby once again, I can’t help but feel optimistic over the new year that’s about to come.

No traditions this year and this year i’d like to make do with this uneasiness that I always feel whenever the year comes in.

I want to ring in 2010 with a smile on my face, laughter on my heart and peace in knowing that no matter what year it is, God is in the center of everything.

2009 was an amazing year where I met friends, lost fake ones, fell in and out of like, battled with several emotions, dealt with things maturely and immaturely and basically enjoyed life the way a person should. One who wasn’t afraid to feel things and relish in those moments.

I think that was the biggest thing I was able to give myself this year: the ability to be able to feel things whether good or bad, enjoy it and step away from it.

So here’s to a new year filled with laughter, blessings and love, love, love. God is in control!