Today marks my second work anniversary at Perk Comm and I’m still amazed over the fact that it has been two years since I lost my ultimate dream job of being a college professor (who was starting her own department!) and an educational therapist and eventually found my way to the job that is meant for me.

If you only knew the amount of tears I cried and the fears I had in the summer of 2013 when I realized that what I’ve been working towards since I graduated in 2007 were shattered. I was sad but at the same time, hopeful. And for good cause, I was about to enter into the most radical and most exhilarating relationship of my life but of course I didn’t know it at that time. I’ve always thought that I was destined to be a teacher but of course God had other plans (as he always does) and I’m grateful he used that rejection to steer me to the right direction (how cheesy can I get, but this is true).

I always tell the people around me that the most important thing in my life right now is work so it’s always exciting for me to celebrate my work-vesary because it makes me feel like I’m investing in the right things. It’s also a joy to note that the best people in my life I have met through Perk and now as I thank God for all the blessings, I can’t help but laugh a my twenty four year old self who was so scared. 

Don’t get me wrong, work has been both humbling and challenging. I have had my own blah days and days when I feel I did’t have it in me to continue but never, not even once did I question if I was in the right place and I think that’s what makes all the difference. Everyday, despite what happened the day before, I wake up feeling excited to go to work. Whatever it is that is going on in my personal life, everything gets thrown out of the window the moment I enter the safe confinement of my work place. 

Perk to say at the very least challenged me. It has challenged me to become a better version of myself by throwing out the self-righteous ideal that I was already more than okay. Perk has also taught me to continue to be coachable and teachable despite the many things I have already picked up and most importantly, Perk helped me focused on my own self-improvement instead of constantly trying to be better than everyone else. 

It has rewired the way I saw success and without even noticing it, it has also made me more confident about myself, my choices, and my beliefs. All of these things I learned through gritty hard work that sometimes made me feel like the world is against me but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I guess it’s true what they say that the things that change you, mold you, and eventually grow you are the adversities you initially wanted to run away from. I have been challenged in ways I have never been before and it was those trials or tests or whatever it is that you want to call that forced me to look inside and see the things I was afraid to see: my weaknesses and my faults and in doing so, I overcame my insecurities.

It also taught me to be fearless because no mistake is ever irreparable, in fact, most of them are essential in helping us become who we were meant to be. It’s the mistakes, the regrets, and the failures that ultimately train us and prepare us for life.

I used to think that there were shortcuts, that if I read enough or studied enough, I will be “wise” enough (ironically, this made me stupid) to avoid it. But as my dad would always say, walang madali and these are the things you have to go through in order to grow.

So tonight, I thank God for what is and look forward to what is ahead.

I will never stop believing that the best is indeed yet to come.