waves of body of water splashing on sand

It’s been a hot a minute since I wrote here. Actually, it feels like a lifetime ago. The last time I wrote, my son was barely sitting up and I was 32. Now, I am six months into year 33 and my son is 13 months old and is walking up a storm. It’s such a joy to see him seeing explore the world and develop his own personality. Being a parent is such a wonderful gift but also such a mystery – you are in charge of this human and your role is to not make him like you but make him ready for the world in a way that suits him best. It’s such a great privilege but also scary as so with everything in life.

Aside from those things, we’re also three weeks into a new year! And 2022 has been a bit of a … not so cute lately. It’s been unnerving both personally and on a global level and I guess people, including myself, are tired. It’s taking A LOT of energy to remain optimistic and that’s the reason why I haven’t been writing. All the words of optimism have been wrung out of me for my column so there’s really nothing here that I can afford you at the moment, that might change in the future but I just wrote here as a proof of life and maybe as a way to put out hope that maybe the next time I write, things are better for me and for all of us.