When I was 7 in an all girls school in Pasig, I had one dream: to read the gospel during Flag Ceremony. 

At 24, I don’t quite remember the reason why I badly wanted to be the one talking on the microphone, but I guess it meant one thing: I loved to talk. 
Forever the early bird, I would spend the hours before the classrooms opened reading my Bible, perfecting every pronunciation and making sure I spoke just right. 
The main point of bringing up this memory was to share my early encounters with passing judgment by reading the verse about pointing out the speck in another’s eye before minding out own.  
However, as I remember my 7 year old heart’s desire to communicate on a bigger platform than usual, I ask myself this question, Did I allow the world to shrink me into oblivion? 

Did negative words spoken upon me and what seemed like daunting failures shrunk my desire to do something that could be great? 
What am I so fearful of? Why can’t I jump off the edge? Have I shrunk to the point of no return?
Would my 7 year old self be sad when she sees me? Will I be a disappointment to her? 
I hope not, but if I am, I hope to God that I get another chance to make her proud of her future self.