i have not been as consistent with 365 as i have been in its first year and i kind of feel guilty for it.

but then i realized that maybe that’s because this year is meant to be different from the last.

it is the fifth month of the year and i feel as if i have become an entirely different person.

none of my solid wishes at the beginning of the year has come true, but at this point, i really could care less about those silly, shallow wishes.

It is quite true, what the devil has meant for evil, God will turn around for my good.

Now, I’m not expecting for specific things but that doesn’t mean that i’m not expecting anything at all.

in fact, i’m expecting for God to move in ways that He could only think of. i have stopped making stories in my head, simply because I know God will work in ways that only He can and that whatever the situation is, it is for our good and for His glory.

everyday i wake up knowing that God will work in whatever situation i’m in and do through me what only He can.

looking forward to the next seven months of the year, it could be filled with nothing but awesome things.