A is for Awesome. A is for Abi.


“what if we get used to this independent, alone thing?”

was what my awesome friend Abi Portillo asked me over YM a few days ago.

Abi and I have been friends since 1992, although I really disliked her because I always lost whenever we played hopscotch and the neighborhood kids always called the fat kid in the Smokey Mountain Classic, “The Coconut”.
However, she grew up to be an amazing woman (thank God no more blue and white dresses or white headbands) and became one of the coolest people in my life.
She’s a wonderful friend in that way because she always makes me think and she’s probably one of the very few people in my life who I trust with all my heart.
She’s also the kind of friend who always pushes me to take risks because i have this tendency to clam up and hide instead of going out there and going for something.
Abi is the kind of friend that everyone should have.
For one thing, she’s ridiculously honest and brutal, but in a way that makes you truly change your perspective about a specific situation or a person. And although she’s brutally honest, Abi doesn’t use this as an excuse to put other people down.
She says what thinks about a situation and that’s it, nothing more, nothing less.
This girl also has this crazy confidence that i wish I had, although it’s something she makes sure she shares with everyone else and she has this amazing ridiculous view of the world that’s really a positive way of seeing things, only she turns it around and makes it her own.
I also hope she knows that she’s one of the bravest girls I know. 
I also appreciate the fact that our conversations go from highly intellectual to highly… well, unimportant, although I do love the fact that our perspective over specific situations, people and events have shifted for the good.
I can’t wait for all the awesome things that would happen to you this year, you above everyone else deserves to have a good year.
So just in case I haven’t told you lately, thank you Abi.  Thank you for adding your own little ray on sunshine into my life.

PS: I really hope you find that equally awesome person who would appreciate you for all the awesome things that you are and not stifle you like Ryan Gosling did to Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine.

You deserve a man, not a boy 🙂