A Letter To The President,


I really wish I was the one who wrote this, but I didn’t so I give credit to this bold young lady for saying the things that which most of us are afraid to say, or too busy to even think about.

Read the full article here: http://www.rappler.com/move-ph/8944-letter-to-the-president

In my opinion, Mr President, the fundamental problem with our educational system is quality, not quantity. It’s not how many years our nation’s children stay in school, but the absence of the motivation to simply attend school because of less than satisfactory conditions.

I’m not saying that Filipinos are lazy. Filipinos are intelligent, creative, and capable. We work 12-hour shifts on empty stomachs, brave the sweltering heat to earn a little extra cash, and manage to leave the country and our families just to make sure that all our children are fed. The last thing we are is lazy.

I’m saying that Filipinos want to go to school, but that our nation is discouraging rather than cultivating this mentality. With dropout rates over 50%, it is obvious that there is a dire lack of incentives for the poorest families to continue sending their children to class every day. Somewhere along the line, people stop believing that an education makes a difference.