A Year of Running in High Heels


It has been a year since my life changed.

Today marks the day I turned my back on the academe and plunged head first into the crazy world of Public Relations and Advertising. 
Despite graduating with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations (Yes, the world was probably telling me something already), I stubbornly tried my luck in the education sector simply because it has always been a lifelong dream of mine. 
As it turns out (and as much as I try to control it), life had other plans for me and last year, I found myself head first in an industry I hardly knew anything about. 
I woke up busy today and didn’t even realize it’s my one year work anniversary until I opened up my trusty planner. I’m tempted to write and say that it’s all sunshine, rainbows, and roses but very much like anything else in the world, there’s a good, a bad, a messy, and a painful. 
It’s a process of learning, leaving behind old mentalities, and at the same time, constantly fine tuning my attitude and letting some things go. 
The biggest challenge for me was overcoming my rigid ‘academe’ mentality in favor of a relaxed (for the lack of a better term) and a flexible work environment. Coming from an extremely competitive school environment (yup, heads rolled the first time I didn’t get that straight A+ card) that was soon followed by a rigid work environment (you better get that Master’s Degree to get a higher salary), I didn’t understand an environment that didn’t entertain that kind of competitiveness. 
For the first time in my life, I didn’t have to prove that I had it together all the time out of the fear of getting memo-ed or worse, getting fired (not that it has ever happened to me, but still). My previous work environment has trained me to be ruthless in my work dealings- untrusting of others and always making sure my work was accounted for out of the fear of someone else taking credit. 
It was like I left the Dauntless compound and thrown into Amity without even realizing it. But I’m learning, I’m learning to trust (which is really an extremely difficult concept for me), to surrender, and most especially, to tear down the walls. 
It’s not easy, especially after being in control for so long, but again, I’m learning. 
Despite the many challenges, I am happy to note that I am happy. That despite the cringe worthy experiences (little mistakes, temper tantrums, and cries in the corner), I know I’m where I’m supposed to be. 
It’s quite a blessing to wake up each day wanting more, and wishing there were more work hours in a day rather than less of them. It isn’t a rainbow littered path but all the beautiful things in life aren’t. 
Now, off to do those reports.