Storyteller& Communications strategist

It started with a Pocahontas journal. The rest, as they say, is history.

Falling in love with words is easy when you’re seven years old and you’ve just discovered a brand new world quite literally at your fingertips. Since then, writing has become embedded in my daily life, whether it’s for entertainment, content marketing management, journalism, or commemorating personal milestones.


I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Marketing with a Minor in Public Relations from American City University as an Academic Scholar with a 3.80 GPA, as well as a Diploma in Advertising from London City College. Thanks to my experience as a Communications Strategist in retail, education, customer service, and communications, I’ve been able to develop my skills and work with international brands, eventually leading to my current role as a Partner at army8, and a weekly Sunday column in the Manila Times called The Thought Junkie.

With every role and every endeavor, my goal has always been to tell stories. Simply, strategically, and sincerely – empowering individuals, engaging communities, and revolutionizing industries in the best way I know how.