Aging with Wisdom, Not with Lines


In a few weeks, I will be turning 27. In a way, it’s scary because in my head, I just turned 16 and all of a sudden life did a 13 Going on 30 on me and I’m now an adult with adult like responsibilities (and that means occasionally responding to text messages on time, not a day late).
It could probably just because I’m in a “getting older” mode but suddenly all conversations I’ve had with the people around me have revolved around reversing the outcome of age or at the very least, not making it show so much. A lot of people would want the wisdom that comes with age but not the fine lines that go with it. I’m not one to be particularly vain and I’m often barefaced on days without meetings or special occasions but I’ve given much thought to moisturizer and “anti” everything the moment I hit 25. What I failed to take care of, to be honest, is protecting my face under the scorching Manila heat.
Working at The Fort has given me the privilege to walk all day, everyday with just my music on without realizing that it has been damaging my skin. I’ve never been a “sun worshipper” as most bios would contain on Instagram so I never really gave it much thought until a godforsaken test said that my skin age is older than my age because of too much sun exposure. Apparently, everyone knows that the sun ages you faster than anything in the entire world (yes, even the annoying stress that goes with eliminating mean people in your life, but that’s reserved for an entirely different article all together) and even if you spend a good chunk of your day indoors, UV rays can apparently still torch your face.
So with this in mind, I hunted for the perfect sunblock to put on top of my other skincare products. This can be extremely difficult for me because a) it’s hot and b) I don’t like anything sticky. So after a few hits and misses (as in anything in life), I was lucky enough to come across Daylong.
What makes Daylong stand out for me and worthy of the space in this week’s Filipino Champions is the fact that more than just being a brand, they are committed to their advocacy of making everyone know that they need to protect themselves from the sun. More than just vanity purposes, the sun can literally be harmful to the skin and can cause unwanted and unnecessary complications if we don’t take good care of our skin. A recent study they made involving five up and coming urbanites showed that the UV Index in Manila alone is at a “very high” risk even when they were indoors and while I wouldn’t go into scientific details, it just means that UV rays are out to attack our faces any time. To counter its effects, we have to constantly reapply our sunblock at least twice a day.
It’s a small step but one that will greatly affect us in the future because as we grow older it gets more and more important to take care of ourselves because if we don’t, who else will?