an open letter of embarrassment


Words have always been an escape but somehow tonight words are not enough to explain how i feel in the morning when i wake up and the feelings that are so intense they wake me up in the middle of the night.

I honestly don’t know what this is because most of the time, i’m so emotionally unavailable i can hardly tell what i’m feeling most of the time.

I usually just ignore it until it goes away.

So here’s to hoping that this one goes away because relying on emotions and a self-created dreamland is always dangerous.

But since nobody drops by this site and since prince charming hardly takes the time to go through an invisible girl’s profile, much less her blog.

But I hope you know that even if we have never shared one coversation, you have made me better simply because you are so different from the rest.

You inspire me to become better. And you give me butterflies and you make me believe that maybe just maybe fairytales happen everyday.