i think i got my anger control from my dad.

just like my dad, i don’t speak when i’m mad, instead i retreat to my room, write endlessly on my journal and just cry my heart out.

however, ever since I started working, i found the value in fighting for myself and i’ve come to realize that one of my weaknesses is fighting for my family.

even if my family and i don’t get along 24/7 (which family does anyway?), i would still go to great lengths to fight for them against anyone who does them any harm, which is exactly what happened today.

there are days when i pray that I wish I don’t give in to anger, but somehow, you have to. I do regret releasing my anger today but somethings need to be done and need to be said.

sometimes, i wish i could not feel such things or i shouldn’t give in to the temptation and yet, i’m only human and on days like these, I’m reminded of God’s grace working through me.

without Him, i am nothing. nothing.

Praise God!