Today a friend of mine told me this, “JUST ASK”.

Which in truth is very simplistic that you would have to take a second to fully understand what it means beyond its simplicity.
Most of the time we hear so many things about simply asking God for our dreams– whether big or small, minute or a miracle simply because that is what Jesus asked us to do several times in the Bible.
A simple, extremely simple concept and yet most of the time we find ourselves held back simply because the concept was that — simple.

In the world where everything we have has to be “worked for”, we find ourselves aghast over the simple statement of Jesus, “Ask”.

Was it really that easy? ASK?

Then why aren’t more people doing it?

Because we’ve been trained to work extra hard for every single thing that we desire and of course I don’t go for laziness and doing it the Juan Tamad way (which I heard has a new term now but I’d rather not go there today) but there are things we cannot simply do on our own.

If the things we dream of we could do on our own then we wouldn’t need miracles now won’t we?

I think that’s where the problem starts– we don’t ask simply because we don’t dream big enough.

Often times, we don’t dare to dream big enough because we don’t want to get our hopes up and we just want to do things that we know we can do on our own without a need for a miracle.

Because a miracle was asking for too much and that as we get older we’re asked to leave Neverland and settle for what is within our reach, a mediocre life.

But what if for a day we were asked to just dream and let it all go?

What would you dream about?

What is your life without limits?

What would you lose if you just asked? 

If it is what God wills for you to have in your life (and if you have a relationship with Him, you would know what He wills for you and you CAN HAVE one) then it’s a dream come true but if not then God will bless you with another dream one that is better than anything that you have ever imagined for yourself.

All it takes is one step– start by asking.