back to the day when lance wasn’t gay and britney was miley


i wouldn’t call the 90’s as the best decade ever but considering the fact that it was the only decade that i fully got to enjoy aside from the 00’s, i’d like to think that it was pretty awesome.
imagine life without cher’s “W” whatevers, boybands, cheesy music (playing now on my radio is Lisa Loeb’s Stay, ain’t that a freakin classic!), hightop sketchers (please if you still have that, throw it away), the perfect teenage dramas (dawson’s creek, saved by the bell, popular and you know the deal), great chick flicks (where are you, she’s all that?) and a wide array of good looking boys.
the 90’s, most especially the late 90’s was the time that pop culture reigned and britney spears was so perfect every girl wanted to be her!

now as i listen to old school hits, i do so with a hint of nostalgia taking me back to the time that three way calling was a way of life, having a cellphone was luxiourous and the coolest place to be was Glorietta 4 playing Dance Dance Revolution.

i’m all for moving forward but there are days when you just want to look back on the good old days and shake your head thinking, “where did it all go?”
now it’s all about cellphones, the landline is silent for days end and Glorietta 4 is passe. Lance Bass is indeed gay and Britney Spears is a whacko.
sometimes i sigh for this generation, sad that they didn’t get to experience dancing to 5,6,7,8 or the beautiful wonders of Tamagotchi but I guess they have thier own thing now.
They’re more into expressing themselves through angry music and blogs. but i guess time would come when they too would look back and sigh over the good times.
it’s kindda funny, now i understand what my parents feel when they hear an old song on the radio, they get this dreamy look on thier face and it seems like they’re transported back to where they were when that song was cool.
i get it now because i bet right now, while basking in 90’s music, i have the exact same face.