“How are you?” is the way we start most conversations. We answer the question without thinking twice, “I’m fine”, “I’m good and you?”. 

We answer in such a manner that doesn’t leave room for introspection and most of the time, furthering the conversation isn’t necessary so we answer the question and move on to what we were doing before being interrupted. 
I have always been labeled as the “most talkative” by family, friends, teachers, and bosses for as long as I can remember. Close friends of mine would never describe me as quiet for thoughts run in and out my mouth through words a million miles per minute. 
But lately, I’ve learned to appreciate the essence of silence and not having to explain myself. In a world saturated with so much noise, there’s beauty to be found in shutting up.
TimeHop has just reminded me of the crazy, roller coaster year it has been for me and I couldn’t help but think that I could have avoided so many lapses and mistakes if I just kept my mouth shut. But that’s what experiences are for: to learn and to become better. 
I have been keenly aware that for the most part, I was making noise for attention. And with humility, I admit, there are so many things that need not to be discussed, whether through conversations or social media. 
It also comes with an understanding that there is nothing to prove and I am not in competition with anyone. 
It’s been a tidal wave of crazy, now I entertain the calm.