Carla’s Classic Hits


I cannot believe it: Britney Spears’ Hit Me Baby One More Time is a classic.

Yes kids born in the late 1980s, Britney Spears is now considered a classic. Do you remember the day when we rushed home to see this “hip and cool” dancing circle in the middle of a gym with my belly button showing video and thought we were so cool because well we weren’t dancing to Mariah Carey anymore? (Long drawn out sentence, did you catch a breath?)

Anyway, so it is safe to say that kids these days no longer spend their Sundays listening to 89.9 while writing drawn out letters to their crushes or talking on the phone with their girlfriends. These days it’s all about you know twitter, stalking celebs on twitter (a bit guilty though I’m not 14. Sorry Selena, your boyfriend getting his thaang together) and taking videos of themselves to post on youtube.

So tonight, for those of you who miss the nostalgic Sunday Slowdown, I present: THE CLASSICS.

(Footnote: These are the songs on the top of my head, I am pretty sure there will be more than one edition to Carla’s Classics! Enjoy!)

For the classic 90’s, grade school “players”, Imajin’s Always Been You is for you:

For the forever best friend, Ruff Endz’ If I Was The One:

For those of you who thought you’ll get married just because you went to Prom together, I present Drop N’ Harmony’s Because I Love You, which I dedicate to my future husband:

This one is for the Nathan Scott of my high school life just because you introduced me to this song, Say You Don’t Care Drop N’ Harmony:

And just because these songs randomly play every Sunday night:


This is VJ Carla, signing out, don’t forget to send in your requests in cute, creative ways so we can grant your request here on MTV’s Most Wanted.

Okay if you know what I meant by that line, it’s official: Welcome To The Days of “Remember When?”