Christmas 2014


Happy Christmas morning, everyone!! 🎄

Every year, I fervently pray for God to bless me with more than I could ever ask for, hope for, think, or imagine. For quite sometime, I’ve always thought that the something more was to be manifested in my external circumstances. 
This year, however, in the midst of yet again another season of unanswered prayer, I found myself discovering the real answer to my prayers. 
By losing everything I thought I wanted and at the same time, also getting everything I once prayed for (it’s a bit tricky but work with me here), I have come to understand that no matter what I do or don’t have, none of that would matter without Jesus.

I could have the thing I want the most but the only One who brings me wholeness, peace, and joy is Jesus. And while I do look forward to the life of my dreams that made possible by Him, I do know the treasure that matters the most. And with that truth comes the answer to my long standing petition for Jesus is more than I could ask for, think of, or imagine. 
And in Him, I am complete.