cranky panky


It’s been one of those days.

One of those Saturdays where you eat till you barf because there’s this void in your heart that you can’t fill and after eating a ton, you realize that food could not fill it either.

So you feel lonely and fat and we all know from reading way too much magazines and websites that being both of those things mentioned above makes you feel like the biggest shi* on the planet and you just want to run away and hide.

But of course, i’m a responsible employee so I hide away in my office, watch ugly betty, meet targets, answer phone calls and just eat with my officemates.

And eating is not even fun because when you’ve been eating nothing but apples eating doesn’t give you any comfort at all.

So you learn to face it. Nothing is particularly wrong today but you know it’s just really one of those days where all of your insecurities come to play and you don’t know what do with them.
They’re just there, staring you at the face and you’re frozen because you don’t know what to do with it.
But you feel the same breaking of the heart and the same tinge in your stomach.
it’s just there, haunting you, after you thought that it was okay already and you were over certain things that you don’t need.
i know this is a phase and i just had to let it out.