Day Thirty Six


Welcome to the World, Franzea “Frankie” Cosette Cruz Robles

Hi Frankie! I swear to you when you turn 18, I’ll be showing you this blog entry.

So as your Nana writes this, I’m 21 years old, working for Ed Link as a Reading Therapist and currently without a boyfriend (we’ll get to the details, honey) and you have been added to my otherwise less colorful life and we are more than happy to welcome you in it.

We are all excited to see your first steps, hear your first word and just see you grow up to become a wonderful lady.

Your parents are wonderful people and they are so excited to see you. The entire family was there to witness your first day in the world and we were all happy to see you, such a healthy baby.

So what can I share with you now?

Well, i’ll share with you what’s happening with the world now.

For one thing, Twilight is probably the hottest thing that has ever happened to vampires, Hotel Dash probably the coolest game on the computer and Facebook is the best way to connect with friends (I cannot believe that 18 years from now this would all sound baduy to you).

The hottest thing in fashion is boyfriend jeans and shorts, shorts, shorts since it’s extremely hot these days.

On a more serious note, a presidential election is happening in two months and that’s what everyone is chattering about.
Also ask me about John Mayer. I’d be more than happy to share my ipod with you (i wonder what the ipod would become of it in 18 years!). Do you have music just glued in your ear by a chip?
But, I don’t think those these are as important as what i’m going to tell you next.
At 18, you probably just graduated from High School and on your way to College. This must be an exciting time, well, I hope you know in your heart that you are beautiful and nothing that people can say or do can take that away.
I hope you also know that you are well-loved. You are loved by your parents, you are well-loved by your grandparents and most importantly, you are well-loved by your Creator. Without Him darling, true joy is not possible 🙂
And I really hope that at 18 you don’t have a boyfriend, eventhough I’m pretty sure that you have a truckload of suitors just waiting for you to say yes. (Again, this makes me think, what has become of courtship and dating?)
Well darling, learn to wait and trust in God’s perfect timing. Trust me, the things you want at 18 isn’t the same thing as the ones you want when you’re 21. The right guy would come in the right time. I wish i understood this sooner.
But, it’s too early to talk about that.
But I hope as you read this you know how much we love you the moment you were born, especially your parents.
There were a lot of roadblocks before you came into our lives, but I’m more than happy to tell you that you are the reason why three families came together and became closer.
The main reason is to celebrate your entry into the world.
On your first day alone, you have brought us so much joy and so much love.
We love you Frankie. Thank you for adding that sunshine into our lives.