Dear Daniel,


Thank you for making the past four years of my TV life exciting. Thank you for your dumb comments and your sensitive antics that made me appreciate you more.
But most importantly, thank you for falling in love with betty.
At the beginning, i seriously thought you’d be another one of those lame TV characters that everyone gets a crush on.
but after watching tonight’s episode, i just fell over and fell in love with your character.
you fell in love with the quirky girl with braces and glasses.

new york’s hottest bachelor fell in love with the Hispanic girl who everyone thought was a loser.

of course, betty has some strong points, i mean for one thing, she’s not an airhead, but that’s not the point.

also you let betty go, just when she needed to concentrate on who she needed to be first, and you came at the right time.

thank you daniel for making me hope again, thank you for making me believe that someday, there would be a daniel meade waiting for me in London.
Until then, i’ll watch Ugly Betty over and over again because looking at the both of you is simply magic.