Dear Future Husband,


I know you’re reading this right now.

I know you’re alive right now, looking at your computer and you have managed to stumble upon my blog that I’ve kept since 2005 (oh please ignore every guy before you, they were absolutely nothing).

I don’t know what led you to this blog but I’m pretty sure it was the leading of the Master Storyteller.

I know that our relationship would be unique, magical and beautiful because it was crafted by Him.

I should really complain because it’s taking forever for you to get here, I mean seriously what is taking you so long? If you’re reading this right now it means you’re alive and you’re breathing so what’s taking you forever?

okay half-kidding, i know God is still working on a few glitches on both our parts so we don’t mess it up, but i hope you know that at this moment, I am already radically and magically in love with you.

i know you won’t be perfect and i know that there are some things you can never give me, but i love you because i’ve waited a long time for you.

i cannot wait for our life to start, but until that time comes i’ll be holding our Father’s hand because I know that He is the only one who knows when our paths would cross.

He will bring us together at the right time.

i am thinking of you every single day,