Dear John


A friend of mine lost a special someone a week ago and for some totally undetermined reason I thought of you.

I thought of you and realized that life is too short to spend it clouded in fear, regrets and caught up in our past mistakes and past experiences, no matter how traumatic they were.

It’s also too short to spend constantly trying to figure out where you’d fit into my life five years from now and how unfit we are for each other.

Life is also too short to spend worrying about having our feelings returned. I have been selfish in this area because I’ve always thought that in order for feelings to count or mean anything they have to be reciprocated.

But maybe it’s not the way things are supposed to go but I guess you just have to savor each moment and learn what you could. Easier said than done but I want to be unselfish for once in my life.

And maybe that’s the purpose you serve in my life, just like the character from the book.

I’m thinking of you, just so you know.