December 18, 2010:Write-less= Speechless


i’ve been writing ever since someone really kind gifted me with a Pocahontas journal when i was in second grade. eversince, i’ve been writing non-stop about really random things and since i believed i was a highly negative child, i decided to chuck away old journals of scorned love and weight-loss secrets.

but my point is, i’ve been writing for a really long time and i never really cared about run-on sentences and all that, all i cared about was getting my point across and most of the time, there are so many subpoints to the major points that it all gets lost along the way.
pretty much the way that i’m rambling now.
so anyway, i’ve written this article that i sort of prayed for for two years. it’s about two highly interesting people and i just choked.
everything in my life was a little topsy, a little turvy and the article was not helping.
i wanted the article to be perfect because i wanted it to express what i feel about the person i’m writing about.
but for some reason, i got stuck.
i got stuck in the middle, lost in between run-on sentences and my emotions.
i suddenly did not know what to write and all because of a little crush.
but God dealt with all of that yesterday.
as i type this, i am watching Eat, Pray, Love. I mean how cliche can I get right?
But that has been the theme of this year: taking risks, multitudes of them.
And it has been worth it.
And even though the answers to the risks that I’ve taken this year has been nothing close to the answers I wanted, it’s okay because for the first time since the topsy and the turvy, finally things make sense.
Finally, I know that my life has been ordained even before I was born.
And all I have to do i walk into them.
i don’t think this entry made sense but this is what i feel today. and i’m grateful for all the things that the Lord has done in my life.
and i’m in between but i’m grateful.
i am very grateful.