emotions, schmotions


i used to enjoy feeling things. i used to savor every emotion in my body and just dive into them without hesitating.
but lately, i’ve been running away, i’ve been running away because i’ve listened to my emotions more than once before and it led me to trouble.

so now, no matter what i feel, i would not act upon it to be fair to myself and those around me and it’s not the easiest thing, because i adore feelings things, i have so much passion for so many things, but so many times, my passion has been directed to the wrong people, or probably the right people at the wrong time, whichever sounds better.

i don’t like to give in to temporary feelings just because it feels good. i want to stay on the steady path without having to think twice.

2011 will still be my year. God is good all the time and i know He will send the right people at the right time.