Eternally 22.


One of my biggest goals for the year is to start saving.

Like seriously stop spending over the little, cheap things that later on turn into really big things and eventually you just have no idea where you money went kind of thing.

I simply want to be more responsible with my money and the frustrations get to me every single time, especially now that I have opened my own checking account and wanna scream till my lungs fall out because it’s not even within limit.

I guess i’ve gotten better at saving my money, trips to the nail salon have lessened and i’ve been putting my money on really pretty grown up things.

i guess i should really celebrate where i am and just keep moving forward until i get to where i want to be yada, yada, yada.

this is really not helping me because when i’m stressed, i either a) eat or b) spend.

gaa. me and my superwoman tendencies.