everyday miracles


I used to define love as something I feel, something I would get and something that made me feel like ap rincess.

Miracles, to me six months ago would mean that someone as wonderful as Corey Monteith would come down from his cloud of sheer beauty and notice someone like me.
That was how I defined love and miracles, no wonder up until six months ago, I was a psychotic bizz.

But today, I felt love in a whole different level. I felt love the way I imagine God experiences it every single day.

I found love in the extraordinary.

My family and I together with our little angel, Frankie, spent a quiet Maundy Thursday together having dinner, enjoying random coversations and just simply enjoying being together.

And while I was pouring my coke light, I felt so much joy and happiness surge inside of me and being in that living room made me feel alive, made me feel loved but most importantly, made me feel that I was truly capable of loving.

And the awesome part is that it had nothing to do with roses or any romantic gestures or heck, even a significant other but everything to do with being grateful for simply having dinner with the people you love the most.

Something so simple can be filled with so much joy I started thinking why I was so into silly fairytales to begin with.
The old song which contained these lyrics, “These are the moments I thank God that I’m alive, these are the moments I’d remember all my life. I’ve got all I’ve waited for and I couldn’t ask for more” described tonight and what amazes me is the fact that with God in the center, every moment is a miracle, every moment is an opportunity for supreme happiness, no designer bags, no clothes from Zara or shoes from Nine West. No declaration of love, no fireworks.
Just love from Him, the love that isn’t selfish or self seeking, just love that longs to love people, even those deemed most difficult to love.
John Ortberg was right, in letting go of what we have in us, we are the most satisfied because we become less self absorbed and we just live a life that’s accountable to Him.
Such a wonderful feeling.
My own miracle, right here, right now.