Flats in Bloom


If you recall about three months ago, I wrote about my latest style find, Butterfly Twists. You know those foldable flats that go with just about ANY outfit!

As you know the boys in the house (ie: my dad and my very opinionated little brother) dislikes it when I fit my 5’8 frame into heels and at the end of the day, I agree with them when I see my feet in blisters 🙁

The reason why I disliked wearing flats (I’m often stuffed in my sneakers) was because they were never as cute, and I often felt plain while wearing them. This is the reason why I jumped over the moon when I realized that my very own Prince William designed incredibly comfortable flats for on the go women everywhere.

Okay, he really isn’t my Prince William, but you HAVE to see him! (Photos after the jump!)

Anyway, the story behind Butterfly Twists is that a group of four men lost a bet and had to wear six inch heels for a day. They finally realized the excruciating pain of having to walk in them, took pity, and ta da Butterfly Twists! 

Butterfly Twists is the perfect fit for the modern independent Filipina lifestyle because seriously with all that we are doing, we really need good shoes to take care of our feet.

So with that being said, the Autumn – Winter 2013 Collection was launched in Straight Up Bar, Seda Hotel, BGC. 

It was a fun afternoon event with all of the fashion bigs in the industry. There was a even a spectacular short fashion show with such gorgeous models.  It was truly an awesome, Betty moment for me, and I’d have to commend my workmates for doing everything with make up, pretty dresses, and huge smiles on! It’s a blessing to be working alongside such smart and intelligent women.
To know more about Butterfly Twists, you know the drill, like them on Facebook Butterfly Twists and enjoy the photos!