When I was in pre-school I was overly confident.

I realized that nobody wanted to be friends with a busybody and a bossy little miss know it all.

But then that little girl was persistent.

So safe to say that up until a few years ago, I annoyed a bunch of people unintentionally.

And that makes me wearisome (I was driving at a point really, not just randomly blabbing) of people because simply put I have been hurt by a few (and I admit, I have hurt some as well).

Which is why this is the reason why it takes awhile for me to truly trust someone.

I am quite wary of trusting and often fear being rejected so I put on an extremely thick armor and try to run away as fast as I can.

My initial response is to take flight — out of fear that I would once again be hurt, or worse– rejected.

Which is why I’m asking for patience.

I do open up, but just like a child during the first day of school, it would take awhile for me to let go of my security blanket and leave the corner, but I’ll get there.

In time. In God’s time. 🙂