Foodie Heaven


It is no secret that I absolutely ADORE AND LOVE food.

I’ve tweeted recently that my life is actually a constant battle between wanting to fit into my skinny jeans and my love for food. Safe to say that my love for food almost always wins.
So when GeiserMaclang and GrantonWorld invited me for the launch of their “All-You-Can-Eat” experience  in Mercato Centrale, The Fort, which included a literal Hunger Games shopping spree where guests were given five minutes to shop to their heart’s delight, I was beyond ecstatic. 
I have always been a big fan of Mercato’s South counterpart, Soderno Alabang so I knew the choices were going to be great and I wasn’t disappointed!
Food choices included: Mio’s Gelato, Fresh Liquor Ice Cream, Bambi’s Delights (of course dessert was the first thing I grabbed!), RC’s Ribs, Carlo’s Kitchen, Monster Burgers, Angus Beef Tapa, Rich Great Food, Bistrology, Vigan Empanada, Cushinetto’s Pizza Rolls and my favorite, Wrap Battle.
I was beyond happy with my stash of food but apparently that was not all! The food that we got during the dash (the whole time I really felt I was Katniss Everdeen minus the Peeta Mallark factor!) we could actually take home because we were also given the chance to eat all we can (it was kind of hard to do burpees the next day!) for an HOUR!
It is safe to say that I went home with a happy, satisfied tummy! 
For those of you who missed it, don’t worry, GrantonWorld will be offering two more of these sprees this November for only 499 with even more food concessionaires! Just head on to GrantonWorld for these exclusive deals!

Let’s start the Holiday season right! 🙂

Yummy delights