Genuine Connection in a Filtered World


It’s not a secret that we live in a highly filtered world. It’s not that we’re not genuine, it’s just that we have been given so many ways to present ourselves online that we can’t help but take advantage of it. There used to be a time when “catching up” meant seeing each other in real time over coffee or a good meal, but today, catching up meant chatting all night at the comforts of our homes. Technology definitely has it perks, it’s a great way to stay connected to the people who matter most to us despite our busy schedule. But despite the perks, I can’t help but miss the connection you have when you’re in the same room as the people you care about. However, days get so busy and no matter how hard you try, the grind of daily life just doesn’t make it easy to see each other in real time.
So it brought me much joy when my good friend Ace introduced me to Blumr. Distinguishing Blumr from the thousands app available today is its ability to mimic real time connections without actually being together in real time. An early innovation of proudly Filipino Let’s Blum It Corporation (another reason to love it, Filipino pride!) allows users to express authentic thoughts and genuine feelings as they happen. Blum is able to do this through its Blurt application which captures real life gestures by allowing the other party to view every character that is being typed by the person they are in touch with. While it may seem scary to think about it, it actually takes away the filters and the many technological walls we put up when conversing with someone on the other side of our gadgets. It’s pretty much like being in the same room as the person because words cannot be edited as we normally do when chatting online. 
The man behind Blumr, Paolo Mendoza is quick to explain, “Real and genuine relationships are essential in our every day lives. Real-time allows you to see, hear, and understand what people truly feel and think at an instant. Real–time means what you say, when you do, is precisely how you feel at that exact moment. Blumr’s Real Time Technology captures your true self and connects you closer to those you communicate with, as if you are just right next to each other.”
Released only last April 18, Blumr has already been making waves through its three major features: Blurt, Switch, and Trends. Blurt as we’ve mentioned allows one to speak to another as if they were in the same room and not halfway across the world. Switch which give users the chance to conveniently transition from one device to another while voice or video calls without interruption and Reality Check, a community where users are given the chance to celebrate what you enjoy while giving you the chance to understand what you don’t initially like. Blumr has the ability to connect people together in a genuine way that has been lost in the tech world where once must always be “polished” in order to be “liked”.
Aside from priding itself in bring genuine connection back online, Blumr also prides itself in being a purely Filipino company. Paolo along with his team of creative minds proves that the Filipinos are just as brilliant as the ones outside of the Philippines, “Our ability to adapt and excel in various fields makes us dynamic and one of the most interesting people in this realm. Having said that, the product and technology we have built and continue to innovate will place our country on the tech map. We also hope to inspire every Filipino in whatever capacity they are into.”
Blumr brings us back to the glory days of real connection: raw and unfiltered. It makes communicating seem more genuine and makes it more exciting because the person on the other end is finally given the chance to be as real as they wish to be.