God of the Small Spaces


It is a Tuesday afternoon and in an hour or so, I will be heading home to rest for a few hours before the grind starts up yet again. Life has passed by swiftly in the past three months, the biggest of which is getting married to the love of my life and starting a new job that I have longed prayed for.
Most people (often the ones outside of the “bubble”) would refer to this time as a “glorious” time. I used to watch women get engaged and land their dream jobs and I would often feel a pinch of envy for them because their lives were finally falling into place.

But in reality, there is really no such thing. Life is life, no matter what season you are in. Of course, you strive to be thankful for the answered prayers, but there are days when it is hard to do because you’re pressured, you’re busy, and you’re just irritated. 

But He is the God of my small spaces and I long to meet Him no matter how small of a space it is.