good times for a change.


so it’s almost the end of the year and you know just like any other cheesy person I know the end of the year is the time to reflect and see how much you’ve changed and whether you were better or worse off this year.

last year, this time around, it was extremely monumental for me. i was teaching my first set of foreign kids and i fell in love with them, with real love and not love that’s defined by good romantic comedies and good novels. Love at that time was defined not by how my students looked (or smelled!) but just how wonderful it was to be able to touch someone’s lives.

Last Christmas was that kind of Christmas.

This Christmas is… a busy Christmas season, bustling from work, giving gifts and running from one party to another. I guess it’s asking for a lot if to have that kind of Christmas two years in a row, since you know I had an entire year to apply whatever it was that I’ve learned last year and that was the sole purpose why it happened.

So this year, i guess, i have something to learn once again.

But you know, i’m not complaining this year was good, there’s a long list of things that I just thank God for.

So many not so great things happened too but I could only draw strength from it and it probably wasn’t such a good year for the world at large, but it was a good year personally.

and it was a good year because:

1) i’m studying again.

2) i found real friends and met new ones who are pretty wicked.

3) i didn’t lose my heart or my mind this time.

4) i’m less uptight.

5) i’ve found the real meaning of life and how to live it.

okay so i really didn’t do great things, i didn’t change the world.. yet, but i hope i made it better even for just one person, but you know i’ve come to realize that i’m a work in progress and in order to change the world around me, i have to learn a thing or two about changing myself. and before that whole falling in love thing actually happens, i guess i have to like myself and we begin the cycle of change once again.
change is wonderful, i welcome it this year with nothing but open arms.