Goodbye and Hello


Less than two hours to go before we enter into 2015 and I would just like to spend time with blog (we’re turning ten next year!!) and just let the whole world know that God has been faithful and has been truly good. At church earlier Sister Shoddy said that even if 2014 was a hard year, God’s goodness still shined through and I believe that is the most important lesson I learned this year.

No matter what I achieved, what I lost, or what prayer wasn’t answered, none of that matters because true satisfaction is found in Jesus. That while I thank Him for blessing me and my family in more ways that I have ever dreamed of or imagined, none of that will make a dent unless I put Jesus first. With Jesus, I truly have everything.

It’s amazing to me as well at how gracious God has been and that while there are people who are no longer in my life, my life is filled with the ones I wouldn’t replace with anyone else. Truly, our God is good and He knows what’s best. My heart is filled and excited because I know that when the clock strikes 12, God’s blessings will overflow in tremendous ways.

Welcome 2015 with grand expectation that the best is yet to come.