Goodnight, Tree Hill


i’ve fallen in love with so many shows in my 23 years.

however, i remember the day i fell in love with the one that i will be committed to for nine years.

ETC was a fairly new channel that promised to air fairly new episodes of US TV shows, of course in 2004 that meant a few months later but nonethless it was “fresh”. i recently saw a commercial about two adorably cute boys and basketball and from the moment i caught a glimpse of the commercial. i knew i had to watch it.

i clearly remember being in my grandfather’s office, watching the first episode wherein a still scrawny Nathan was challenging Lucas to a game in the River Court:

from the first episode, i was hooked, i remember going home every Tuesday extra excited for 8 PM to come. understand that in the “stone” ages of early 2000s, shows were difficult to download so you had to wait a week to know what will happen in the next episode. the days in between Tuesday went by so slowly.

however, each episode was often worth the wait. i could still remember me in my room crying every Tuesday night and seeing the transformation of Nathan Scott.

and just like any fanatic, i couldn’t really pin point the reason why i loved One Tree Hill so much, there were so many shows that came and went by somehow, i couldn’t let go of this one show that i grew up with. truth be told, the years in high school were probably the best and i wasn’t as in love with the seasons that came after, but still One Tree Hill is One Tree Hill.

for one thing i loved the fact that someone like Nathan Scott ended up with Haley James. The jock with tutor girl, up to this very day, i fervently wish that the jock would fall in love with the nerd.

i also enjoyed Brooke’s transformation from being a typical cheerleader to someone who boldly said: “zero is not a size”.  it was also great to see her to finally end up with someone after all those broken hearts.

and yes, i do love peyton sawyer as much as your average Tree Hill but i’ve always been in love with her room and her art:

and i’m all for Lucas and Peyton, but there was something special about Jake and Peyton:

also i would always be nostalgic about karen’s cafe and the golf course in the rooftop, keith and those epic basketball games:

and it would be impossible to ask me what my favorite One Tree Hill Quote is because seriously, after nine years there’s just too much and most of them you can find in this blog. however, i would like to credit the writers of One Tree Hill for including amazingly beautiful quotations by classic writers at the end of each episode for it has made me become more interested in them.

i cannot believe that One Tree Hill is finally ending and it has been almost a decade since i fell in love with Nathan Scott. above everything else, i will remember One Tree Hill as the one that I came home to when things were bad at school, the place where I could be Brooke, Peyton and Haley for awhile to escape the reality of my life and it would always remind me, that maybe just maybe, “being Haley is just enough”.

Good Night, Tree Hill. The memories would live on and don’t worry, my kids will definitely know about you.