Gossip Ala Mode


On most days, it’s like an obsession.

It starts with a simple comment or a simple click on the page of a frenemy.

It starts out as a harmless comment, “I think she gained weight” until it propels into something deeper, “I think it’s because of all the pills she’s been taking” and so on and so forth.

Ah, the sweet sensation of talking about other people and finding ways to feel good about ourselves.

Of course as we talk about other people it’s often “out of concern” and is not meant to “undermine”.

I say this with uttermost humility simply because I have been both a proponent and a victim of evil gossiping.

In a culture that celebrates and thrives on information that are too juicy to not to be passed on, it is quite difficult not to relish in extremely shocking news that must be passed on and talked about.

Most of the time, the target of gossip are the ones in the spotlight (like a certain private video gone viral or a popular actor’s refusal to come out of the closet) but on most days, we often sprinkle our days with gossip about our officemates, acquaintances and even the people close to us.

It would be self-righteous of me to say that it is wrong because I am not excluded from a little chitter- chatter every now and then. But unlike in earlier years, I do feel a little pang of guilt whenever I discuss a person in a light that is a little darker than what it should have been.

What starts out as harmless often ends up as dangerous.

To avoid gossip, people would go from condemning it “how would you feel if it was done to you” to the justifying it, “everyone talks about everyone anyway”.

And the reason for his maybe because it’s fun. It may be fun to see flaws into someone’s rather perfect life but at the same time, it can be terribly haunting because 9/10 times, we are called to love.

And love as discussed in  a popular 1 Corinthians verse demands us to “always believe in the best in people,” which may not be entirely easy especially when the words, “okay this is top secret information but did you know…”

I may be writing this entry out of guilt, but at the same time it’s also out of disappointment of myself.

I grew up bullied, misunderstood and often accused of saying things I didn’t even say which is why gossip is a stickler topic for me and yet on most days, I find myself lost in a world of hearsay, even saying things that may be a bit innocent at the beginning but could be deadly when misinterpreted another way.

It’s a process really but the process must not be used as an excuse to tear someone down just because i’m feeling a bit low.

Truth be told, gossip may be harmless and a little fun, but on most days, IT IS ALWAYS DAMAGING to the person spreading the gossip (and/or passing judgement) and to the person on the receiving end.

It may be difficult to tame the tongue but once again, it must not be used as an excuse to constantly try to bring other people down.

We have been so used to this that most of time conversations come to a halt when one suggests to keep other people’s lives out of a lunch conversation.

I honestly don’t know where to start but I know that there are unsettled issues in my heart that need to be resolved, because it is true that out of the mouth the heart speaks.

So for those of you who just like me want to try a little harder, maybe we should all face the heart issue first and from there, find confidence that as long as we ask help from Him, He will cleanse our hearts and soon our mouths would follow.

A little challenging but the promise is a worry-free, drama-free life.

I say… it is quite worth it.