He Who The Son Set Free is Free Indeed


You know the secret to life is simple.
You just have to keep fighting, no matter what the cirucmstances are and what battles you may have in your head, you keep fighting.
You remain steadfast and you stay in faith.
Which I know is easier said than done, because everyday, the moment you wake up, especially if you’re walking with Christ, is a battlefield waiting to happen.
And you have to fight.
Because Jesus didn’t die on the cross for you to give up.
Jesus Christ died on the cross for you to be freed and Jesus died on the cross for you to find joy in Him.
Yes it’s as simple as that, joy in Him. I think if we all understood this concept, life would be ten times easier.
This coming from someone who wants to control every single aspect of life and some parts of the future as well.
But the important thing is to know who we belong to and who controls our destiny, our future and the people we meet.
We are free in Christ.
It’s that simple.